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We started breeders gear for the integrity of the community of breeders, users, cultivators, retailers, and more both small and large. We offer a third-party site that has verified genetics based on DNA fingerprinting from a cannabis Lab. Purchase with confidence as all cannabis genetics are verified strains as we strive to bring you the best verified seeds, clones, and tissue cultures. Breeders Gear does not sell cannabis genetics but offers a third-party website designed for small to large scall breeders and other cannabis retailers. These retailers are responsible for their own selling profiles and gear. We as Breeders Gear work as a data collecting and marketplace for cannabis companies to come together for selling of true lab tested cannabis products. We do not sell cannabis and only offer qualifying seeds that is considered hemp by Federal Law and sold by a third-party breeder or retailer. All items sold on is third party certified at below .3 percent. Please check with local and state laws before purchasing from third party vendors.

Verified Strains

Verified Sex

Verified Virus Free

Let's change the industry together with Integrity.

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