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4 Clone Bundle

Free Shipping

7-14 Day lead time to guarantee fresh cuts thats not been sitting in trays for long periods.

Once the order is placed, you will get a clone lost.

You can request the clone list prior to ordering!

Are cuts are big hunted cuts or breeders cuts directly from the cultivator or cultivation team! These are not nursery cuts! These are not cheap cuts from a reseller or dropshipped cuts!

We specialize in authentic, rare, and exotic cuts that are beyond the hype. We don't sell hype cuts that dont hold expectations!

Cuts are run 100 percent clean! Zerotol and Purecrop 1 dipped and medium is presoaked and dipped in organic enzymes to ensure no bad microbial growth!

Fursarium Free

Pythium Free

Hlvd Free

4 Clone Bundle

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