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Hunted from 400 seeds and roughly 200 females.

Mac V2 x (Underdog Og x OGKB) x Forbidden Fruit

Hunted and selected for optimum quality and a purple cut that does not lack effects. Most og growers know that a lot of the purple cuts on the market are short-lived effects. Not this one! Very unique effects. Bag appeal to match. Yield on point and very fast vigor growth.

2 weeks veg and stretch is 300%

Effects-When Grown Proper, this cut will hot above +4% Thcva. Thcva is still being studied, but research shows can help with anxiety and be the cause for uplifting energizing effects in canna. Sativa and uplifting thanks to its unique thcv percentage and is one of the few sativas that does not cause anxiety from the effects and also contains amounts of cbd. Very mind focusing and a great cannabis strain for artists. Good for activities and daytime.

Tepene Profile- Forbidden Mac has a very complex unique sweet fuelly smell. It can be sour and complex sweet candy to sweet fuel. Depending on the environment and nutrients, this clone can change from a sweet, fuelly candy smell to an all gas profile with sour. Will hit above 4% terps very loud

Bag Appeal-100% Dense

Yield-Heavy and does great with sog and Scrog

Unique cannbinoids

Great for anxiety and Daytime

Finishes 60 days

Pics grow organically. This cut will swell on salts or high feed.

Easy growing

Forbidden Mac 178 Clone

$1,000.00 Regular Price
$500.00Sale Price
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