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Mac V2 X Mac V2

15 Regular Seeds


The Mac V2 was hunted from capulators release of the recreation of mac 1 (mac v2)

We hunted 3 Packs and found 2 Pheno mothers and a stud male.

We crossed the male of mac v2 with the frosty pheno of (female) of Mac V2

This cross produces faster vigor in yield and is the most similiar to Mac 1. The biggesst differences we noticed is breeding with Mac V2 is easier and has less chances of mutations and stunted crosses. Faster Veg Time, Faster Flower Onset, Heavy Yield, and Increase in terpenes.

Nose-Orange-Tangerine-Dough-Creamy Cookies Gas

Will Test above 30% Indoor

F2-Being a F2 the plant will be more diverse and these packs will be more for a phenohunter looking for an amazing different pheno but still will find similiar Mac V2 traits.

Mac V2 F2 Seeds

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