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Trop Runtz X LSP X Trop Runtz X LSP

This is a F2 of our popular Reckless Runtz (lumpy Runtz) This strain smells like tropical Candy and taste like trix cereal. This strain stacks hard for example plants are typically 3-4 inches tall with 5 internodes and can be sexed super early. We had to carry on her legacy! So we created a F2 The mother and father was selected based on the same traits. The mother glissens with trichomes to the tip of the fan leaves, stacks crazy heavy, and loses zero terps as smelling her she comes off as a sugary candy if a fruity cereal was made into a candy this would be it. She even taste like cereal. The male was selected based on the closest characteristics as the mother but we did not want the male to be dominant for this recreation. The father was the shortest and had the same smell coming off of his stalks. His structure was identical. Phenos on F2s typically are broad and can pull out grandfather traits. We have had phenos range from smells stronger than lemon to straight soap!!! This is a pack for someone who wants something different in there life. Someone who wants to find a keeper for themselves to hold on to. Money back guranteed on this one!

Flowering time 53-60 Days

Yield-Heavy and stacks tight

Easy Growing will take anything you throw at her.

15 regular seeds

Reckless Runtz F2

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